san juan and santiago atitlan village tour

Our wonderful lake atitlan boat tour start from your hotel. Our guide will meet you there and then you will walk to the place where you will take the boat. Traveling in the beautiful Lake Atitlan for about 30 minutes to the village of San Juan. Well known by it’s murals on the walls on side of the streets, art galleries, woman weavers cooperatives. working with natural dyes and spinning cotton thread. The catholic church and much more.

Then you will continue to Santiago Atitlan. Place where you will have lunch then explore the village, the market, catholic church and the very famous Mayan God. “MAXIMON” and maybe get the opportunity to share with him some cigars and liquor or experience a Mayan Ceremony


  • Travel by boat around the blue waters of Lake Atitlan
  • Experience the culture of local people practicing the natural dyes, spinning cotton and back strap loom
  • Visit local people art galleries
  • Visit of Mayan God “MAXIMON”
  • The visit of Santiago Atitlan catholic church


The tour price shown below is on private basis and the price can change always depends on hotel location

  • From 1 to 5 people cost $170
  • From 5 to 10 people cost $190
  • More than 10 people the tour cost $35 per person

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